Monday, November 20, 2006

New Release Addendum:

As some of you probably noticed, several of the tracks from the recent Sypha Nadon release ended rather abruptly. This was not intentional. The damaged files were up for the first dozen or so downloads, but they have since been replaced. If you were one of the enterprising, though unfortunate, early downloaders, you might wish to return to the download page so you can hear the full release as it was meant to be heard. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Release from SYPHA NADON:

Sypha Nadon - Threnody for Zumb Zumb

This, Sypha Nadon's second full-length release, marks a new phase in his musical development. The familiar elements are still here - the signature off-kilter melodies and savage noise breaks - but the album is more unified than previous efforts. Threnody is also SN's most minimalistic work thus far, allowing simple patterns and complex textures to unravel over time, revealing their inner richness.

01. Sonic Lwa
02. Phil Collins finds the Godhead
03. Ginen
04. Barracuda Lullaby
05. The Sypha Nadon Factory Tour
06. Threnody for Zumb Zumb
07. Russolo for Dummies
08. The Meon
09. Kill the Violence
10. Kind Hands is the Cure