Thursday, June 30, 2011

Withiel - Shut Up Dr. Strangelove! (Disc 1)

It has been a long time since I last posted, and much has happened. My research duties have kept me too busy to make music of my own, but my ears are thankfully still wide open to new sounds made by others. And so I have the great pleasure of directing your attention to the new album by our friend and inspiration, Withiel:

Shut Up Dr. Strangelove!

01 Post-Human Terraforming Space-Elevator Blues
02 Me And My State
03 smashedchannelblues
04 Seventeen Tonnes of Motorised Steel
05 Confiscation Protocol
07 Baby's On Fire (Eno cover)
08 Sleeping Gas (Cope cover)
09 The Queen Is Dead (Smiths cover)

"Everything's illegal and the world is on fire. The throats of power are ripe for a good punching. Doctor fucking Strangelove needs to shut up, and we need to stop listening to him. This is disc one of a psch-agit-punk album that addresses these issues via the medium of shouting and hate. The hate is free to listen and distribute, and is Creative Commons Licensed. The hate here enclosed was carefully stored and fermented over several years of poverty and unemployment, and can be streamed (without the covers) on Soundcloud, or downloaded as MP3 or RAR."