Monday, February 18, 2008

New Release: Stuzha - Through the Snowfield

Stuzha - Through the Snowfield EP
[free download, 320kpbs mp3]

Four songs of frost, winds, snow and survival in the desolate Siberian winter.

1. Here is No Life Without a Fire 6:13
2. Lost in Catacombs 6:12
3. Through The Snowfield 6:13
4. Odinokaya Garmon' (Russian Folklore song) 2:13
Total: 20:51

Here is No Life Without a Fire was recorded in the taiga forest during the frosty winternight time, when temperature is below -25C. That piece shows that life of a man in the such a cold regions is absolutely depends from the fire. It gives to a man a hope & life, without it he's dead in few hours... It's a hymn to fire.

Lost in Catacombs was recorded during snowy december 2007. Most sounds are from enclosed big metallic tank which is used a long time ago for water keeping. This vessel is located pretty far away from civilization and in the nighttime an ambient atmosphere here is a magnificent!

Through The Snowfield is a track which is describing a blank feelings of a men, who is riding on a horse through endless snowy fields... The sound of the small bells is coming from a neck of a coachman's horse, and these bells are just like a lighthouse for a ship in the storm. They are only way to know where your horse are when a blizzard start to blow... That piece is about a solitude & loneliness of a soul. There is also a fragment of Russian folklore song in it.

Odinokaya Garmon' is a Russian folklore song.

_Algol_ - all instruments, field recordings, vocals.

Please check Stuzha's MySpace page and leave some comments, any feedback from YOU are very welcome!

[P.S. Stuzha is a brand new project of _Algol_, we are seeking a traditional label to release a full length album.]

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Release: Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano

Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

Wandering in Milano was composed at the end of 2006 for a documentary about the underground life of Milan, directed by Daniela Frassoni, with the collaboration of Roberto Mangoni, pianist and a friend of mine. This is an imaginary travel across the big town; we get lost in a cold December day, and we didn’t find the way back home...” -Massimo Ruberti

Massimo's wandering:
01. Wandering
02. Waiting
03. Traffic
04. Nebbia
05. Longnite
06. Live Impulse
07. Lei sa di essere
08. Insegne
09. Distanze
10. PS

Roberto's Wandering:
11. Wandering (acoustic piano)
12. Treni
13. Ripensamento
14. Morning
15. Cortili