Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Repel Ghosts on MySpace

Founding Plaguedream artists To Repel Ghosts have a new MySpace page!

We're still waiting on Band and Bio information from this notoriously reticent crew, but they've agreed to post a demo track from their upcoming album - the long-awaited Partisan Songs - by way of appeasement. Watch for the full release in coming weeks!

While we're on the topic, if you're on MySpace and haven't yet Friended your favorite This Plague of Dreaming artists, now is your chance:

This Plague of Dreaming (label page)
Glenn Brown
Harel Gal
Nagual Art
Sypha Nadon
The Threshold People

and our Allies:
[Esc.] Laboratory

MySpace may be a disheartening quagmire, but it's also the place to hear demos and preview tracks, and to show your appreciation to the artists directly, if you like.

(Fabrizio Torri doesn't maintain a MySpace page, to our knowledge, but you can keep up with his doings at his blog, Jitterbug Poetry.)

Moving right along, I am pleased to announce that the Internet Archive has repaired many of the problems that have beset it of late, so that the recent albums from Glenn Brown and The Threshold People are once again available to stream or download. We apologize for any frustration the service interruption may have caused you.

EDIT: The Internet Archive situation is not yet entirely stable. Stay tuned, and once again we apologize.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Release: Glenn Brown - 3 Crows & The Moon [EP]

Glenn Brown - 3 Crows & The Moon [EP]
[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

An ambient excursion into outer...and inner...space. Ethereal, dark, and haunting soundscapes for a sci-fi movie yet to be made.

About the Artist:

I make ambient soundscapes w/ electric guitar only...no synths or keyboards are used. I started playing guitar and learning music 20 years ago, and focussed on rock, jazz, and fusion for most of that time. In the last few years I discovered both ambient and 20th century classical music, and since then have concentrated on making dark ambient / dark drone music. If it sounds good when driving through deserted industrial areas late at night, then I know I’m on the right track…

About the Recording:

All songs performed on a 2005 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster with Kinman pickups. Processing was done via a POD XT, Digitech RP-12, Dunlop Wah, and various VST plugins. Recording was done direct to computer.

These songs were taken from the album 3 Crows & The Moon, a conceptual piece concerning a melodrama taking place in the future, and set in space.

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Glenn Brown.

Mastered by Marco Oppedisano.

Cover art by Charles Kerins.

Track Listing:
1. The Hundred Year Rule
2. The Ones Left Behind
3. A Crystal Fascination III
4. A Crystal Fascination IV
5. Free From What You Need
6. 3 Crows & The Moon
7. The Tanks Are Empty
8. Panorama Without Panic