Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Release: Goghst - Goghst

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("ambient indietronica")

"Goghst's second album is a sonic journey through the tired mind, the late at night mind when you think about the universe, and insomnia or fear of the dark or worse keeps you up. This is the soundtrack to the movie you see behind your tired eyes. This is the insomnia rising from the silent night to say "I am here! And I don't know why!" You can call this album experimental ambient indietronica through LSD headphones. If you still need a reason to listen, then maybe you're not even living."

01. Tired Eyes
02. Bodhicitta
03. Giving Up
04. Red Like A Marker
05. The Path of Enlightenment*
06. The Universe Loves You
07. Variations On A Bad Fall
08. The Universe Does Not Care
09. Post-Paranoid Depression (Instrumental Version)

*Lyrics to The Path of Enlightenment

So now we move onward to
The path to enlightenment
Now we move onward
Toward the path of enlightenment
Now onward toward the path of enlightenment
I have seen with these eyes
And I have kissed the sky
I've heard with these ears
And I've tasted the world's lies
I've used this brain
And I've wasted it too
I can't comprehend
This universe so big
Will I ever see the end?
So I move onward toward the path of enlightenment...

= = = = =

Also: watch for new music from Dikital, Gabran, Pharmakustik, Sublinear, To Repel Ghosts, and [Esc.] Laboratory artists [amt_23] and [off:error]--Coming Soon!