Friday, December 19, 2008

New Release: Siegmar Fricke - Atemkalk

Siegmar Fricke - Atemkalk
[free mp3 download]


"Modulated absorptions, anesthetic ambiences and pulsating dissociative interferences for narcotic rebreathers. Cellular respiration through liquid programmings. Acoustic spaces of cardiopulmonary reanimation." (SF, November 2008)

01 Nebulizer
02 Sevofluran
03 Pulsoximed
04 Atemkalk

Siegmar Fricke has been continuously developing his pharmakustik concept since 2001 after his activities in the experimental, international tape-scene in the 80s and 90s. "Atemkalk" is his newest study in clinical ambiences, mindexpansion and electroorganic improvisation, developed in his pharmakustik-lab. The concept of constant modulation of all sound-particles during the simultaneous machine-interactions is an important factor in the pharmakustik approach.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Release: Gabran - Nowhere Tales

Gabran - Nowhere Tales
[free mp3 download]

(experimental, electroacoustic)

"Nowhere Tales is a story of stories. Horizons of sound, confused words that evoke other worlds, other joys, other pains..."

01 Exasperate Tale
02 Land n.2
03 If a system is only a system, it's an unjustified order
04 From Another World
05 Landscapes and Tales
06 September tale
07 On land
08 Der Wunsch des Matrosen
09 Nowhere Tales

"Gabran (Gabriele Ranica) since the Seventies has played in groups of progressive music, jazz and of contemporary improvisation. The interest for electronic music on tape and for computer music was born toward the beginning of the Eighties. The search and the improvisation are at the base of its job."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Double Release: [amt_23] - between the surfaces / [off:Error] - caught in the gap

Not one but two new albums from our German allies [Esc.] Laboratory!

= = = = =

[amt_23] - between the surfaces
[free mp3 download]

("urban-cyber-blues meets industrial ambient")

This album mirrors the intense and ritualistic character of atmosphere, [amt_23] celebrated at various art exhibitions and in chill-out areas between 2003 and 2006.

Played and recorded live--No Over Dubs were used--archaic archetypes of sound got mixed up with minimalistic electronic elements. The unusual ambient soundscapes of "between the surfaces" are a melange of African Drums, contemporary Electronic Instruments, Guitar, Effects and Location Recordings. The listener will trespass the rusty industrial ambiance, the mantric sweetness of the Fluxus and the Bits of Reality. Urban-Cyber-Blues meets Industrial-Ambient and gives a rebirth to Electronique-Avantgard.

01 isdate recorder
02 duskin
03 us like giants
04 bodyonesomeelse
05 sha thou
06 dance, urban ghosts pt I
07 illizer
08 preek
09 breedbar
10 pneon
11 thou narrow
12 equithium
13 dance, urban ghosts pt II

The original versions of the songs were performed by [] between 2000 and 2002. Nearly one year after the band split up, Doc.AtmosfearCrush reanimated this Performance-Set and constantly evolved it under Live conditions. The album “between the surfaces” also marks the first project-album hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms and is a mark in the consciousness of spacetime.

= = = = =

[off:Error] - caught in the gap
[free mp3 download]

("industrial ambient")

Industrial ambient music for the theatre of our retinas, uncomfortable sometimes and surely harvesting the mainstream.

This one comes for seduction first. As we get more comfortable dark and lunatic chantings hit our ears, just to scare the shit out of ourselves.

The sample source was a pool of vast stolen fragments, taken from the various project-albums by [Esc.]Laboratory. Mixed with noises of unusual origin, rhythmic loops of our urban hive – shredded, stretched, torn into little bits and grains. In various Dub–Sessions the songs had to destroy themselves and reassemble to an orgasmatic ejaculation of experimental substance.

Just these ruins of doomed music survived: “If the characters of David Lynch`s Lost Highway would meet to perform for an album it would sound naturaly like (caught in the gap)!”

01 call to arms
02 play cursed
03 revolution No. 2.0
04 full moon
05 guitar and handy
06 next is the grid
07 revolution No. 2.1
08 fourtyninecrushes

= = = = =
These albums are hosted at This Plague of Dreaming by special arrangement with [Esc.] Laboratory. For more information, visit the artists' website.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Release: Goghst - Goghst

[free mp3 download]

("ambient indietronica")

"Goghst's second album is a sonic journey through the tired mind, the late at night mind when you think about the universe, and insomnia or fear of the dark or worse keeps you up. This is the soundtrack to the movie you see behind your tired eyes. This is the insomnia rising from the silent night to say "I am here! And I don't know why!" You can call this album experimental ambient indietronica through LSD headphones. If you still need a reason to listen, then maybe you're not even living."

01. Tired Eyes
02. Bodhicitta
03. Giving Up
04. Red Like A Marker
05. The Path of Enlightenment*
06. The Universe Loves You
07. Variations On A Bad Fall
08. The Universe Does Not Care
09. Post-Paranoid Depression (Instrumental Version)

*Lyrics to The Path of Enlightenment

So now we move onward to
The path to enlightenment
Now we move onward
Toward the path of enlightenment
Now onward toward the path of enlightenment
I have seen with these eyes
And I have kissed the sky
I've heard with these ears
And I've tasted the world's lies
I've used this brain
And I've wasted it too
I can't comprehend
This universe so big
Will I ever see the end?
So I move onward toward the path of enlightenment...

= = = = =

Also: watch for new music from Dikital, Gabran, Pharmakustik, Sublinear, To Repel Ghosts, and [Esc.] Laboratory artists [amt_23] and [off:error]--Coming Soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Have a Special Plan for this World [Mauve Zone Recordings]

[Posted on behalf of our mutated sibling-label Mauve Zone Recordings. The compilation features music by This Plague of Dreaming artists-in-residence To Repel Ghosts and Moya Sestra--remember the artists TRG announced that they would be bringing back with them? Watch for their debut album on This Plague of Dreaming sometime in the coming months.]

Everything you've heard about Mauve Zone Recordings is true.

We are operators at the highest level.

And now, dear listener, the Dark Tentacle is pointing at you.

Come, take your place for the Danse Macabre!

Here at MZR, we want to party like it's 1899.

Masked balls and opium orgies, green tea and the recital of Baudelaire poetry, seances and haunted ouija tables.

The Name of the Party: "A Dream as White as the Death of a Seagull"

Where: The Mauve Zone.

When: now, within the adumbration of some future nameless Aeon.

This season's theme: 19th-century style French Decadence.

Special guests in attendance:

J.K. Huysmans, Jean Lorrain, Remy de Gourmont, Rachilde, Octave Mirbeau, H.P. Lovecraft, the Abbe Boullan, Dr. Johannes, Canon Docre, Durtal, Maldoror, Antichrist, St. Moravagine, St. Teresa of Avila, The Black Glove, Dr. Simon Hurt, The Joker, Set, Kenneth Grant, Michael Bertiaux, LAM, William S. Burroughs, Jean Genet, Arthur Rimbaud, August Strindberg, Bruno Schulz, Leonora Carrington, Andy Warehol, Richard Marsh, Sax Rohmer, The Fabulous Mr. Meaningless, The Crying Spider, Lord Cthulhu, Patrick Bateman, Choronzon, The Kliphotic King of the Larvae of the Dead, and the Booda Carrot himself.

Portraits of guests being provided by Odilon Redon.

This event is being sponsored in collaboration with Mauve Zone Recordings, The Necronomicon Transhumanist Society, The Sodality of the Holy Shadow, The Ghooric Order of the Shoggothian Nuns, The Final Church of the Zumb Zumb Apocalypse, The Cultus of the Locusts, and, of course, The Dark Tentacle itself.

All guests will be receiving a special party favor, which is the soundtrack to this event:

This album, the very first compilation album from Mauve Zone Recordings, features tracks from every artist who has contributed to our label up to this point in space-time. It also features guest appearances from other interesting parties (such as To Repel Ghosts), to say nothing of artists whose work will be showcased in greater detail in the future (in particular, Serapeum and Orchestra 23). This album also marks the worldwide debut of Moya Sestra, who we are very happy to unleash on the populance. In addition to all of this, the album comes with a short story named Mauve Movies, a Neo-Goth Narrative that illustrates the sort of ultradimensional perichoresis we strive for. A big thank you to every artist who has contributed to not only this album but also to MZR thus far, and also we would like to thank those of you who have listened to our albums.

This album was channeled to Earth from a nameless Aeon of the future. To be more precise, March 15, 2337, a date highly significant in that it marks not only the 400 year anniversary of the death of H.P. Lovecraft, but also the discovery of the Ghooric Zone on one of the moons of Yuggoth by a group of space-traveling sex-crazed cyborgs.

Finally, we would like to dedicate this album to Fire Hydrant 451 and One Hundred Years of Salad Two.

Running time: 60 minutes

Track listing:

1. Orchestra 23: Intro (4:29)
2. The Cat Band: Goods in the Hood (3:12)
3. Sypha Nadon: The Wish Wish Song (4:22)
4. The People's Tongue: Staunch (2:14)
5. To Repel Ghosts: Blow (4:43)
6. Serapeum: Fansystem (4:39)
7. Zyklon Vagina: The Creeping Sickness (2:42)
8. Orchestra 23: Intermission (1:38)
9. Bryce Clayton Eiman: Sex in Heaven (4:22)
10. Thomas Moronic: Boulder Dash (5:12)
11. Moya Sestra: Spider Joe (5:40)
12. Boy Destroyer: Wild Boys Remix (3:20)
13. Sypha Nadon: The Mauve Zone (7:33)
14. Orchestra 23: Outro (2:56)
15. James Champagne: The Lord's Prayer (2:38)

album front cover artwork by Erik Visser.

You may download your party favor for free (as always) here:

Questions and concerns may be directed either to one of our gargoyle staff members or sent to

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Release: Gabran - Harcana

Gabran - Harcana
[free mp3 download]

(experimental, electroacoustic)

"The message of music is a message on the world of sounds, on a world that all know, but still explore to fund both from the composer and from that of the public that enjoys it.

"The composer is the explorer that, digging in himself, travels in this world bringing us the fabulous news that of time in time he succeeds in discovering.

"The true composer is one who opens new streets of access in the tangle of the forest of sound, and that doesn't stop for any obstacle or exploit other people's discoveries to make their career and to enter in a mass-market more and more and culturally directed by the musical industry.

"It is for this that we need to wander, often in the dark, in search of a new light able to illuminate a road that leads to a truth, even if provisional, because the composer, as every other artist, doesn't do anything else other than try to demolish the walls of his experience in the attempt to always give one new awareness to the human communication.

"The world of sounds is not a closed world, its essence is that to be open. A world without confinements, an apéiron: an endless indefinite.

"The sound is anywhere."

01. Theme of the Night
02. Orion dream
03. Tolls
04. Sentimental Synthesis
05. In the falling ruins
06. Cool morning
07. Bells with apparitions
08. Anxious and pacific Goods

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Release: Asgaya Gigagae - The Decline Before The Dream

Asgaya Gigagae - The Decline Before The Dream
[free mp3 download]

(ritual ambient, drone)

"A difficult combination of ritual ambient, some doom aesthetics, heavy drone inspiration, slight percussion, slowly evolving sounds and so on are included in this piece of music. Field-recordings of a specific part of the ritual have also been used. The overall sound is natural - organic - acoustic being fused with acoustic instruments and electronics."

1. Night, The Prayer of Blind Asua (10:30)
2. Dawn, Opened Eyes of The Akashic Sloth (18:05)
3. Sunrise, Into The White Mouth of Sleep (30:29)
4. The Decline Before The Dream (4:34)
5. Untitled (11:07)

"The Decline Before The Dream is based on an older ritual that I created that deals with my symbolic deity, Blind Asua, and its place in existence. After much work the ritual has been much expanded both in activity and its literature, opening up doors that I hadn't imagined could be associated with the simple deity of Asua and creating an experience for myself that I've not had before - both spiritually and mentally exhausting. The Decline Before The Dream also deals with the existence of everyone that listens to it, building on a strong sense of self-evolving in a spiritual sense and also somewhat refreshing even. If I go on too much the box would be open too much...

"The Decline Before The Dream is broken up into 5 different parts of the day (Night - Dawn - Sunrise - Sunset - ???-) of Asua. The plan was to explain a different cycle of the flowing Ki but what ended up happening in this ritual brought forth another cycle and has shown me my own cycle of life in a new listen is to understand."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Release: Astral Light - Quintessence

Astral Light - Quintessence
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

(darkambient, industrial drone)

"The cumbrous elements, earth, flood, air, fire;
And this ethereal quintessence of heav'n
Flew upward, spirited with various forms,
That roll'd orbicular, and turn'd to stars

-Milton. Paradise Lost. III. 715--719

1. Earth (8:02)
2. Air (6:47)
3. Water (7:25)
4. Fire (7:21)

Website Down; Don't Panic

Our website,, is currently going through an existential crisis and is no longer sure it exists. We can't say how long it will take to bring it around this time, but in the meantime This Plague of Dreaming is still a fully operational netlabel, and we will have a new album ready for you sometime in the next 18 hours (give or take).

To be clear: we still exist, all the music is still available, and, well, we're on it.

UPDATE: We're back online and all is well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coming Soon:

The end-of-Summer rush is upon us, and we are thrilled to announce a wave of new signings! In addition to our recent release by Goghst, you can look forward to new music from Astral Light (Croatia), Asgaya Gigagae (USA), and Dikital (Macedonia) to carry you into Autumn.

Check back in sometime in the next couple days for the next new album!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Release: Goghst - You're A Little Paranormal

Goghst - You're A Little Paranormal
[free download, 128kpbs mp3]

"You've just stumbled upon an alien radio signal, filled with ethereal, ambient soundscapes. Or maybe you're picking up on a telepathic radio station, run in someone's sleep. The sounds float in and out of your ears, and you wonder if this is the music that ghosts listen to. You wonder if, maybe, you are a little paranormal. This is a journey through an open mind. This is Goghst."

01. Out In The Ether
02. Welcome To My World
03. Psychic People
04. Alien Architecture
05. Doctor Can You Save Me
06. It's Lonely Out There
07. Henry, Drinking Rain
08. Still Out In The Ether
09. Pair of Normal
10. untitled
11. The System
12. I'm A Little Paranoid
13. Blue Lagoonies
14. Women Are Weird
15. Marie, I Really Can't Believe...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coming Soon: New Music from Goghst

Stay tuned for some experimental lo-fi space radio from Goghst!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is Rumor Control.

Sorry I've been out of touch for a while. A lot has happened, but contrary to popular rumor This Plague of Dreaming is still operational.

Here are the facts: There has been a serious shakeup at the Plaguedream Institute. In brief, the Dept. of Exploration tried to take advantage of the Jane Guy situation to get this blog gagged and the Outreach program shut down--and This Plague of Dreaming with it. There was the usual drama, the furniture got kicked over, and I had to call in some heavy favors from some very strange and difficult people, but finally Central got around to granting us a provisional license to operate (pending the results of the Guy inquiry).

To Repel Ghosts put in a timely and unexpected reappearance at the height of the interdepartmental dustup and spoke eloquently (if ironically) about the need for greater transparency, both within the Institute itself and in our relations with the public. I admit that I am not entirely sure of their motives, but I can't fault their results: TRG are known, insofar as they are known at all, for their adherence to a strict policy of reticence and subterfuge, so their sudden clarion call for openness seems to have made a strong impression on Central, and may have been the deciding blow in the skirmish. Under the circumstances, it should hardly be surprising that, immediately following the council decision, these champions of accessibility retired to a lengthy closed-door meeting with representatives of the D. of E. (details classified, naturally), which culminated in the typically abrupt departure of one of the group aboard the Anodos (destination--need I say it?--classified). The remaining members of To Repel Ghosts, meanwhile, refuse to speak about their extended absence, or their arrangements with Exploration, and have simply returned to work as if they had never left.

This is what I have to put up with.

Anyway, back to business: we are currently in contract talks with an exciting new musical artist. Watch for updates in the near future! In the meantime, we continue to appreciate your patience and support.

Don't get caught.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News Flash!

Dear readers, the Plaguedream Institute has just received a radio transmission from the lost airship Jane Guy! The brief encrypted message cut unexpectedly into one of our regular communication channels shortly before 11pm last night, at the height of a powerful electrical storm, and was repeated at five-minute intervals until our antenna was damaged by the high winds. The auxiliary receiver was powered up as quickly as could be managed, but the signal could not be recovered.

The Dept. of Exploration, who continue to presume their sole authority in the case, have not yet released the decrypted message (to Institute-wide consternation), but new orders were immediately flashed to the Man-Cub, and the crew of the airship Anodos has been placed on alert (the D. of E. denies that there is any connection between these events, but you can guess what I think of that).

I will continue to report what I can, when I can.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Release: Disvega - Idrosfera

Disvega - Idrosfera
[free download, 320kpbs mp3]

"Idrosfera is a journey through the continuous, infinite water cycle: from the rain to the water-bearings, from the rivers to the sea, the cycle constantly repeats itself. The whole musical project was realized for the pictorial works of Riccardo Ruberti and it was presented in 2005 during the painter's exhibition at the Bottega del Caffè of Leghorn."

01. La pioggia
02. Le acque sotterranee
03. Il ruscello
04. Il mare

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heads Up

Watch for the new album from Disvega, to be released very soon on this label!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Literature: A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica

Clarkesworld Magazine presents, for your reading pleasure, a lovely short story by Catherynne M. Valente: A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica.

The title is entirely accurate as to the form of the piece, through which device gradually unfolds a history of great delicacy and beauty, which evokes an almost Dunsanian elegiac whimsy. I do not wish to spoil the story by offering specifics, but there are images which will stay with me.

Clarkesworld Magazine

This Plague of Dreaming is not affiliated with either Catherynne Valente or Clarkesworld Magazine, and offers this link simply as a free show of admiration for a wonderful story.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little to report.

My seasonal duties around the compound have required my full attention lately, and I have consequently been neglecting this blog - inadvertently leaving some of you, I am sure, hanging in suspense. I can reassure you that you haven't missed anything of substance, though the mystery continues to deepen merely as a function of passing time. The investigatory team on-board the air-clipper Man-Cub is pursuing some tentative leads, but it is too early for me to report on what they may have found, except to say that it was not the Jane Guy.

Spring is always a busy time at the Plaguedream Institute, even when we don't have a vanished airship not on our hands, as it were. Even with everything that's going on, I hope to be able to bring you some news more pertinent to our musical pursuits in the near future.

Lastly, I am relieved to say that we have received a message from To Repel Ghosts, informing us that they are well and will be returning to the compound as soon as they have completed their current activities (neither of which I doubted), and that they will be bringing with them a new musical artist for our roster (which is news to me, and remains to be seen).

Stay on the beam for news of upcoming releases!


Monday, April 7, 2008

when n. was in the army

Of late, our friend and colleague Fabrizio Torri has been sharing in his blog the recollections of the soldier N., and his unusual experiences in the military. To the sort of reader who finds something of interest in this our own humble blog, I can suggest that you may take similar reward from a perusal of N.'s strange history.

If you are moved to follow my recommendation, please begin here, at the bottom of the page, and follow the chronological trail of posts upwards to the present day (and, perhaps, beyond). It is a strange narrative, yet perhaps not so very unfamiliar. Did fear or prudence not seal our lips, how many of us could unlock hidden chapters in our own biographies?

when n. was in the army
he discovered that he could materialize small animals,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brief and Unilluminating Update

In the early morning of the 22nd, after being delayed by heavy weather, the air-clipper Man-Cub reached the last logged position of the missing airship Jane Guy. There was no sign of the lost ship or its crew, nor any clear indication of what may have happened to them. Some scraps of metal were found on the ground nearby, but they were determined not to have come from the Guy. Weather reports from the time of the disappearance do not indicate any hazardous or unusual conditions, and discrete inquiries among the local residents have turned up nothing (though many of the people interviewed appeared red-eyed and haggard, and some complained of sleep disturbances, a frequent marker of PDI operations in the vicinity).

The last transmission from the Jane Guy has also been declassified, though it is not at all clear what we are meant to glean from it. I reproduce it here in its entirety (minus call signs and other radio arcana):

when shall the laurel and the vocal string resume their honours when shall we behold the tuneful tongue the promethean hand aspire to ancient praise alas how faint how slow the dawn of beauty and of truth breaks the reluc

Analysis quickly revealed that the text is taken from the opening of the Second Book of The Pleasures of Imagination, by 18th century poet Mark Akenside. The message was delivered in clean code with a steady and unhurried hand on the key, but was cut short mid-line and mid-word. Whether the poem was intended to convey specific information which they dared not transmit openly, even encrypted, or whether the Guy's radio operator was just being inscrutable (a propensity which I have been led to believe is endemic to the vocation), we do not yet know. Akenside's poetry is not unknown to our technicians, though it has not been found to be particularly active under laboratory conditions. Further experimentation and field testing is, no doubt, indicated.

Once again, if you have any information concerning the whereabouts or fate of the airship Jane Guy, I ask that you contact the Institute without delay. I will continue to post updates as they become available.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Release: [Esc.] Laboratory - date of production V1.0

[Esc.] Laboratory - date of production V1.0
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

(studio-projects-compilation 2003-2007)

"We are very pleased to present you the ultimate collection of extravagant sound sourcery, emerged directly from the very deepest heart of our facility.

"Compiled by the hands of Doc. AtmosfearCrush comes a journey of abstract urban sound experiences, extracted with lust, oil, colour and blood. A melange of the different split personalities incorporated in the genetic manipulated organism known as [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms. The brilliant synergy of unreleased songs and the beautiful 'errors' of already released projects`albums are the perfect mix to represent the 'what-happens-there?' mythology of modern urban ghost`s culture..." -[Esc.] Laboratory

= = = = =
01. [ur:neon:ono] - defragment
02. [revolting:Robotniks] - asylum sleepers
03. [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] - runtime error
04. [angström:institute] - cocktail dancing
05. [Throatwobbler:Manegrove] - one day left
06. [amt_23] - preek
07. [ur:neon:ono] - rowerz auto blah-blah
08. [Flux:Kompensator] - fromaghe
09. [amt_23] - isdate recorder
10. [phace/it!] - slow drain to gnawn
11. [off:error] - documentary
12. [bloodmakesnoise] - morningstar
13. [ur:neon:ono] - crack reprise
14. [off:error] - fourtyninecrushes
15. [off:error] - guitar and cellular
16. [amt_23] - bodyonesomeelse
17. [Yahuy-Che-Kabah] - irregular
18. [interrupt:Jumper] - rebuildings
19. [meta:Human] - construction END
= = = = =

This album is hosted at This Plague of Dreaming by special arrangement with [Esc.] Laboratory. For more information about the projects featured on this compilation, visit the [Esc.] Laboratory website.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breaking News

Four days ago, the Institute lost radio contact with the airship Jane Guy in the midst of a coded transmission. After repeated attempts to restore contact failed, the Dept. of Exploration dispatched the air-clipper Man-Cub to the Guy's last logged location (not without a certain smug air of step-aside-we'll-handle-this, if I may say so). It may just be a down transmitter. But if it's not, the Dept. assures us that crew of the Man-Cub is trained to handle "these kinds of situations." Updates will be made available as soon as they are declassified.

If you have any information pertaining to the whereabouts or fate of the Jane Guy, please contact the Plaguedream Institute immediately. Your prompt action may prevent disaster.

- - - - -

In other news, the members of To Repel Ghosts have been on unofficial (and unauthorized, dammit) leave since the completion of their recent album Partisan Songs. I apologize to any and all correspondents who have been awaiting responses to their queries while TRG are away. I have been trying to get them to forward me their login information so that I can take care of administrative tasks like approving MySpace Friend requests, but in the meantime I respectfully ask for your patience.

I suppose I can't blame them for cutting loose once in a while - they're unnaturally wed to their research, and I'm sure it takes its toll - but a little bit of notice (or a contact address, or something) would have been appreciated.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Release: Fabrizio Torri - Funny Thoughts

Fabrizio Torri - Funny Thoughts
[free download, 320kpbs mp3]

i like when the strings can be seen. (i believe it's called metafiction, a kind of metalanguage). when children play "let's pretend", using the past tense to speak of what they are still about to do. when a painter doesn't hide "pentimenti".

Funny Thoughts" is a showcase of hypotheses for songs. in this six-packed collection you can find tunes that can be whistled, if one wishes to do so, together with thought-provoking chords progressions and interesting rhythmical parts. listen to them more than once, if you really want to catch them, because they'll try in every way to escape you. forewarned is forearmed.

01...The Livornine Laws
02...Wit (to M.)
04...Tongue in Cheek
05...Why a Duck
06...Herbert H. Heebert

Funny Thoughts is presented at CD-quality 320kbps.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Release: Stuzha - Through the Snowfield

Stuzha - Through the Snowfield EP
[free download, 320kpbs mp3]

Four songs of frost, winds, snow and survival in the desolate Siberian winter.

1. Here is No Life Without a Fire 6:13
2. Lost in Catacombs 6:12
3. Through The Snowfield 6:13
4. Odinokaya Garmon' (Russian Folklore song) 2:13
Total: 20:51

Here is No Life Without a Fire was recorded in the taiga forest during the frosty winternight time, when temperature is below -25C. That piece shows that life of a man in the such a cold regions is absolutely depends from the fire. It gives to a man a hope & life, without it he's dead in few hours... It's a hymn to fire.

Lost in Catacombs was recorded during snowy december 2007. Most sounds are from enclosed big metallic tank which is used a long time ago for water keeping. This vessel is located pretty far away from civilization and in the nighttime an ambient atmosphere here is a magnificent!

Through The Snowfield is a track which is describing a blank feelings of a men, who is riding on a horse through endless snowy fields... The sound of the small bells is coming from a neck of a coachman's horse, and these bells are just like a lighthouse for a ship in the storm. They are only way to know where your horse are when a blizzard start to blow... That piece is about a solitude & loneliness of a soul. There is also a fragment of Russian folklore song in it.

Odinokaya Garmon' is a Russian folklore song.

_Algol_ - all instruments, field recordings, vocals.

Please check Stuzha's MySpace page and leave some comments, any feedback from YOU are very welcome!

[P.S. Stuzha is a brand new project of _Algol_, we are seeking a traditional label to release a full length album.]

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Release: Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano

Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

Wandering in Milano was composed at the end of 2006 for a documentary about the underground life of Milan, directed by Daniela Frassoni, with the collaboration of Roberto Mangoni, pianist and a friend of mine. This is an imaginary travel across the big town; we get lost in a cold December day, and we didn’t find the way back home...” -Massimo Ruberti

Massimo's wandering:
01. Wandering
02. Waiting
03. Traffic
04. Nebbia
05. Longnite
06. Live Impulse
07. Lei sa di essere
08. Insegne
09. Distanze
10. PS

Roberto's Wandering:
11. Wandering (acoustic piano)
12. Treni
13. Ripensamento
14. Morning
15. Cortili

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Website update and Banner

Only a minor update this time, but worth noting: the "About" link on the PlagueDream website now leads somewhere. It's not much at the moment, admittedly, but it does include an email link which you may find preferable to the more involved and obscure means some of our enterprising listeners have employed to communicate with us in the past (I'm looking at you, Mr. H___). As I am both the label director and the ersatz webmaster (and as my otherwise able assistant is a confirmed technophobe), all correspondence directed to that address will, in time, pass before my eyes.

The other item of importance on the page is our new banner:

If you are so kind as to wish to use this banner on your site, the necessary code is provided. Our own links page is not yet online, but when it is we will be happy to discuss banner exchanges, etc.

More content will be coming soon, both to our "About" page and to this blog, so stay on the beam!


Monday, January 28, 2008

3 Crows Redux

I would like to remind anyone who undertook to download Glenn Brown's 3 Crows & The Moon during the dark days of server malfunction that the album is once more available, and should be downloaded and listened to without delay. The album's release coincided catastrophically with the Internet Archive's server crisis, and it remained unstable for almost two months, so that many people whose lives Glenn's music might have enriched were denied.

To refresh your memory: Glenn Brown creates luminously ambient sci-fi soundscapes using only his (heavily processed) electric guitar - but that description does no more than hint at the delicious weightlessness of the sound, and the mingled bliss and disquiet of dreaming in zero gravity.

So, once again: Glenn Brown - 3 Crows & The Moon

Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Repel Ghosts - Partisan Songs
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

A barely audible song
Is heard from the fog,
It is the quiet song
Of the forest partisans.

- - - - -
01. Quiet Forest
02. In the Trees
03. Front Zone Reverie
04. Nightingales
05. Quiet Forest ii
- - - - -

[In response to questions raised in pre-release comments: These songs are the record of our speculative forays into the dreamspace which has grown up in the cracks between the social myth of the Heroic partisans and the ugly reality of the war; in mapping that territory, it was not our intention to pursue any specific political agenda or champion any particular group or concern. The history of the Soviet partisans in the Great Patriotic War, like most war stories, is complex and often contradictory. We believe that it is vitally important, at these intersections of heroism and atrocity, to retain that complexity and resist the reductive impulse which impoverishes our myths and denies the varied humanity of the men and women on all sides of the conflict. These songs seek neither to glorify nor to condemn, and while they do not have anything so crude as a "message," we hope that they do contain some echo of truth. -TRG]

- - - - -

As you can see, the hiatus didn't last long. Only a couple days after I posted about it, a lot of things suddenly started working again. There are still intermittent problems, but we decided to take our chances.


Saturday, January 12, 2008