Wednesday, March 7, 2007


"Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of its first digital bullet, "Rise Horus Rise", which is in turn the grand debut of noise supergroup BOY DESTROYER."

Featuring This Plague of Dreaming recording artist Sypha Nadon!

If you need noise, this album will hurt you so good.

Get more information, including an interview HERE

Download your pitiful life away HERE

The roller-skate boys sweep down a hill in a shower of autumn leaves. They slice through a police patrol. Blood spatters dead leaves in air.

The screen is exploding in moon craters and boiling silver spots.

"Wild boys very close now."

Darkness falls on the ruined suburbs. A dog barks in the distance.

Dim jerky stars are blowing away across a gleaming empty sky,
the wild boys smile.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Release: [interrupt:Jumper] - "music for unfinished movies"

[Esc.] Laboratory:
[interrupt:Jumper] - "music for unfinished movies"

[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

"Making music means to us to free our hearts from agony, frustration, lust and the eternal sin. It`s a way of cleansing the soul. As we get deeper into the grains of sound we touch the intelligence of chaos." - [Esc.] Laboratory

01. replica (live)
02. endgame
03. refrigerator
04. story of Kain
05. move (live)
06. unknown applicant
07. Idoru
08. through closed doors

Germany's [Esc.] Laboratory are veteran sonic ritualists, and explorers of a liminal territory that will be familiar to our loyal plaguedreamers. The sound is industrial-dub, thrumming bass and echoic beats offering a pulsing glimpse of deep time traveling down the spine, the soundtrack to a lunar eclipse.

When [Esc.] Laboratory contacted the PlagueDream Institute in 2006, we were impressed by their dedication and craft, and affected by their trance-inducing sound. After intense negotiations, we entered into a mutually-beneficial strategic alliance. [interrupt:Jumper] is the first of several [Esc.] Lab projects that will be hosted by This Plague of Dreaming, according to the terms of that treaty.