Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, he's done it: Sublinear's album Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky has reached the 2000 Downloads, a first for the label. Take a moment to congratulate him, won't you?

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Release: Noel Towers - To Jest Jądro Orzecha Włoskiego

Noel Towers - To Jest Jądro Orzecha Włoskiego
[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

"This is the kernel of the walnut" - A welter of restless jazz textures and electroacoustic processing, liquid sax taken deep underground for a congress of ghosts.

1. unsheathed
2. pearl
3. hid
4. kernel

Noel Towers - saxophones
Fabrizio "Baka" Torri - guitars
Kowal "The Blacksmith" Wieże - everything else

Noel Towers is an anglo-brazilian musician. At present he lives in Cracow, Poland, where he and Kowal Wieże are students of ethnomusicology at the university. Fabrizzio Torri will be familiar to our listeners from his earlier This Plague of Dreaming release Terra Lucida. [Recorded in Szczecin, Poland.]

The Beginning The End V.2

Harel Gal's album the beginning the end has been updated! At the request of the artist, the song away has been replaced with an updated version, and a new song, motoclick, has been added. If you have already downloaded the album, come get the additional tracks!


Sometime overnight, three of our albums have passed the 1000 Downloads mark:

Nagual Art - A Landscape Built By Whispers
[interrupt:Jumper] - "music for unfinished movies"
Sypha Nadon - 11 Chants for Russolo!

If you are one of the lucky souls to have already downloaded these fine albums, then our thanks go out to you. If you have not yet had the pleasure: pray, deny yourself no longer! Life is hard and the nights are cold - seek consolation and strength in music.

Also, at some point in the next 48 hours will burst upon you the new album from Noel Towers! This multinational collaboration marks the end of a busy Summer for This Plague of Dreaming. Once again we thank you, loyal plaguedreamers, for listening.

Keep on the beam!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Frightmare Forest, and meta:Human

As the days grow short and the nights grow chill, we're pleased to bring you more Threshold People news!

Our resident ghouls have just licensed their song "The Pit" (again!) for use in the haunted attraction Frightmare Forest! If you're in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area during the month of October, stop in and get the pants scared off ya!

Also, our friends [Esc.] Laboratory have released a new album on the test tube netlabel:

"Meet meta:Human, a kind of an Industrial-Techno-Goth-IDM trio from Germany. The Dark Ages of Technology is their own post-apocalyptic manifest."

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monster By Mail

Monster By Mail ("An original hand drawn monster sketch delivered to your doorstep!") recently featured The Threshold People song The Pit in one of their art-in-progress YouTube videos: Zombies vs The Anelian Race!

Enjoy the video, then go and get yourself a Monster By Mail!

(All proceeds from the MBM project go towards the artist's family medical expenses.)