Friday, December 19, 2008

New Release: Siegmar Fricke - Atemkalk

Siegmar Fricke - Atemkalk
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"Modulated absorptions, anesthetic ambiences and pulsating dissociative interferences for narcotic rebreathers. Cellular respiration through liquid programmings. Acoustic spaces of cardiopulmonary reanimation." (SF, November 2008)

01 Nebulizer
02 Sevofluran
03 Pulsoximed
04 Atemkalk

Siegmar Fricke has been continuously developing his pharmakustik concept since 2001 after his activities in the experimental, international tape-scene in the 80s and 90s. "Atemkalk" is his newest study in clinical ambiences, mindexpansion and electroorganic improvisation, developed in his pharmakustik-lab. The concept of constant modulation of all sound-particles during the simultaneous machine-interactions is an important factor in the pharmakustik approach.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Release: Gabran - Nowhere Tales

Gabran - Nowhere Tales
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(experimental, electroacoustic)

"Nowhere Tales is a story of stories. Horizons of sound, confused words that evoke other worlds, other joys, other pains..."

01 Exasperate Tale
02 Land n.2
03 If a system is only a system, it's an unjustified order
04 From Another World
05 Landscapes and Tales
06 September tale
07 On land
08 Der Wunsch des Matrosen
09 Nowhere Tales

"Gabran (Gabriele Ranica) since the Seventies has played in groups of progressive music, jazz and of contemporary improvisation. The interest for electronic music on tape and for computer music was born toward the beginning of the Eighties. The search and the improvisation are at the base of its job."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Double Release: [amt_23] - between the surfaces / [off:Error] - caught in the gap

Not one but two new albums from our German allies [Esc.] Laboratory!

= = = = =

[amt_23] - between the surfaces
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("urban-cyber-blues meets industrial ambient")

This album mirrors the intense and ritualistic character of atmosphere, [amt_23] celebrated at various art exhibitions and in chill-out areas between 2003 and 2006.

Played and recorded live--No Over Dubs were used--archaic archetypes of sound got mixed up with minimalistic electronic elements. The unusual ambient soundscapes of "between the surfaces" are a melange of African Drums, contemporary Electronic Instruments, Guitar, Effects and Location Recordings. The listener will trespass the rusty industrial ambiance, the mantric sweetness of the Fluxus and the Bits of Reality. Urban-Cyber-Blues meets Industrial-Ambient and gives a rebirth to Electronique-Avantgard.

01 isdate recorder
02 duskin
03 us like giants
04 bodyonesomeelse
05 sha thou
06 dance, urban ghosts pt I
07 illizer
08 preek
09 breedbar
10 pneon
11 thou narrow
12 equithium
13 dance, urban ghosts pt II

The original versions of the songs were performed by [] between 2000 and 2002. Nearly one year after the band split up, Doc.AtmosfearCrush reanimated this Performance-Set and constantly evolved it under Live conditions. The album “between the surfaces” also marks the first project-album hosted by [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms and is a mark in the consciousness of spacetime.

= = = = =

[off:Error] - caught in the gap
[free mp3 download]

("industrial ambient")

Industrial ambient music for the theatre of our retinas, uncomfortable sometimes and surely harvesting the mainstream.

This one comes for seduction first. As we get more comfortable dark and lunatic chantings hit our ears, just to scare the shit out of ourselves.

The sample source was a pool of vast stolen fragments, taken from the various project-albums by [Esc.]Laboratory. Mixed with noises of unusual origin, rhythmic loops of our urban hive – shredded, stretched, torn into little bits and grains. In various Dub–Sessions the songs had to destroy themselves and reassemble to an orgasmatic ejaculation of experimental substance.

Just these ruins of doomed music survived: “If the characters of David Lynch`s Lost Highway would meet to perform for an album it would sound naturaly like (caught in the gap)!”

01 call to arms
02 play cursed
03 revolution No. 2.0
04 full moon
05 guitar and handy
06 next is the grid
07 revolution No. 2.1
08 fourtyninecrushes

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These albums are hosted at This Plague of Dreaming by special arrangement with [Esc.] Laboratory. For more information, visit the artists' website.