Friday, May 11, 2007

New Release from Sublinear

Sublinear - Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky
[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

Music for a radiant abyss.

This is Sublinear's first album with This Plague of Dreaming, but his experience as a score composer shows clearly in his disquieting, cinematic trip-hop arrangements.

01. A Quiet Death
02. Night of the Reptiles
03. Shattered Light
04. Fragility
05. And the Wind In the Trees Is Like the Sound of Eternity
06. Breakdancing in the Rain
07. Bloodworms
08. Our Weapons Are Useless Against Them
09. Kill Us Before the Rains Come
10. Litany

Sublinear appeared alongside The Threshold People on Oddio Overplay's terrifying Halloween compilation Calling All Fiends.