Monday, December 5, 2005

NEW RELEASE from Sypha Nadon!

Sypha Nadon, the unstoppable force behind the successful Enter Horus E.P., is back with a full-length album:

Sypha Nadon - 11 Chants for Russolo [plague005]

"The search for extremes is nothing more then the search for Self. God can be found in feedback: Divinity can be extracted from oceans of chaos. The scryer of this album put himself at great mental and physical risk in his quest to earth these 11 transmissions and place them into a context relatable to mammalian senses.

"This album is dedicated to Luigi Russolo and all those who carry his flame. To read Russolo’s classic manifesto “The Art of Noises” (and to get a glimpse of his beloved Intonarumori devices), consult this link:"

Album details:

01. Hyla (2:53)
02. Gnostic Circus (4:19)
03. Intonarumori (6:51)
04. Scapegoat (2:45)
05. Scab Eden (3:15)
06. Piranha Teeth (4:59)
07. Club Scarab (3:33)
08. The Fabulous Mr. Meaningless (8:09)
09. Decreator (5:21)
10. Yuggoth (6:07)
11. DNA Blood Madonna (17:27)
........i-The Tesseract (4:25)
.......ii-Insect Trust (2:40)
......iii-Choronzon Unit (5:33)
......iv-Gristle Pulsate (4:49)

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