Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Release: [interrupt:Jumper] - "music for unfinished movies"

[Esc.] Laboratory:
[interrupt:Jumper] - "music for unfinished movies"

[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

"Making music means to us to free our hearts from agony, frustration, lust and the eternal sin. It`s a way of cleansing the soul. As we get deeper into the grains of sound we touch the intelligence of chaos." - [Esc.] Laboratory

01. replica (live)
02. endgame
03. refrigerator
04. story of Kain
05. move (live)
06. unknown applicant
07. Idoru
08. through closed doors

Germany's [Esc.] Laboratory are veteran sonic ritualists, and explorers of a liminal territory that will be familiar to our loyal plaguedreamers. The sound is industrial-dub, thrumming bass and echoic beats offering a pulsing glimpse of deep time traveling down the spine, the soundtrack to a lunar eclipse.

When [Esc.] Laboratory contacted the PlagueDream Institute in 2006, we were impressed by their dedication and craft, and affected by their trance-inducing sound. After intense negotiations, we entered into a mutually-beneficial strategic alliance. [interrupt:Jumper] is the first of several [Esc.] Lab projects that will be hosted by This Plague of Dreaming, according to the terms of that treaty.

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