Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New [Esc.] Laboratory Release:

[insect:industries] - "post.larvae.state"
[free download, 192kpbs mp3]

"So befremdlich Insekten auf uns wirken, so befremdlich muss wohl die Welt der Menschen und ihrer Maschinen auf die Insekten wirken.

"Was könnte für uns befremdlicher sein, als ein Insekt zu sein?"

The songs from post.larvae.state were originally made for the group-exhibition Insekten Frei.

The concept behind the album was to recreate the strange landscape of concrete immensity that confronts the insects living in our habitat, the urban sprawl.

The songs were generated through the use of an extraordinary scientific sample library of sounds made by insects and by some nighttime field recordings in the city. They were all put together in a Dub-session - jamming, adding some delays, reverbs, and the only electronic sound device, a Clavia Micro Modular.

- - - - -
01. human resource
02. hive like city
03. brain bugged
04. resource
05. HIVE
06. bugg_ed
- - - - -

This album is hosted at This Plague of Dreaming by special arrangement with [Esc.] Laboratory. For more information, visit the artists' website.

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