Friday, October 19, 2007

[rhexisMUSIC] presents: St. Withiel Delivers From Evil

Something you should all hear: a new album of (mostly) covers from future culture-hero Withiel

[rhexixMUSIC] presents: St. Withiel Delivers From Evil

"An album of covers and quasi-religiose music, produced over the last few months. Some of these are quite beautiful, others are very ugly. Most of them weren't written by me, although some were."

Listeners familiar with Withiel's earlier work will find this album more intimate, with a softer and closer sense of space. His signature labyrinthine production style has been toned down a little on most tracks, with fewer overdubs and more emphasis on the solo vocal. The album hangs together fairly well for a covers collection, and Withiel sings them like they're his own. The only exception would be L. Cohen's Democracy, which nonetheless sounds like a heartfelt homage.

[Withiel's previous releases, and other rhexisMUSIC artists, can be downloaded free from the rhexisMUSIC website.]

The world is a vale of tears, but then there's Withiel, so it's alright.

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