Friday, February 8, 2008

New Release: Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano

Ruberti & Mangoni - Wandering In Milano
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

Wandering in Milano was composed at the end of 2006 for a documentary about the underground life of Milan, directed by Daniela Frassoni, with the collaboration of Roberto Mangoni, pianist and a friend of mine. This is an imaginary travel across the big town; we get lost in a cold December day, and we didn’t find the way back home...” -Massimo Ruberti

Massimo's wandering:
01. Wandering
02. Waiting
03. Traffic
04. Nebbia
05. Longnite
06. Live Impulse
07. Lei sa di essere
08. Insegne
09. Distanze
10. PS

Roberto's Wandering:
11. Wandering (acoustic piano)
12. Treni
13. Ripensamento
14. Morning
15. Cortili

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