Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Release: Fabrizio Torri - Funny Thoughts

Fabrizio Torri - Funny Thoughts
[free download, 320kpbs mp3]

i like when the strings can be seen. (i believe it's called metafiction, a kind of metalanguage). when children play "let's pretend", using the past tense to speak of what they are still about to do. when a painter doesn't hide "pentimenti".

Funny Thoughts" is a showcase of hypotheses for songs. in this six-packed collection you can find tunes that can be whistled, if one wishes to do so, together with thought-provoking chords progressions and interesting rhythmical parts. listen to them more than once, if you really want to catch them, because they'll try in every way to escape you. forewarned is forearmed.

01...The Livornine Laws
02...Wit (to M.)
04...Tongue in Cheek
05...Why a Duck
06...Herbert H. Heebert

Funny Thoughts is presented at CD-quality 320kbps.

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