Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Release: Goghst - You're A Little Paranormal

Goghst - You're A Little Paranormal
[free download, 128kpbs mp3]

"You've just stumbled upon an alien radio signal, filled with ethereal, ambient soundscapes. Or maybe you're picking up on a telepathic radio station, run in someone's sleep. The sounds float in and out of your ears, and you wonder if this is the music that ghosts listen to. You wonder if, maybe, you are a little paranormal. This is a journey through an open mind. This is Goghst."

01. Out In The Ether
02. Welcome To My World
03. Psychic People
04. Alien Architecture
05. Doctor Can You Save Me
06. It's Lonely Out There
07. Henry, Drinking Rain
08. Still Out In The Ether
09. Pair of Normal
10. untitled
11. The System
12. I'm A Little Paranoid
13. Blue Lagoonies
14. Women Are Weird
15. Marie, I Really Can't Believe...

1 comment:

baka said...

hey, yesterday i have downloaded it (and listened to it, and LIKED it..very smartful use of pre-existing materials..it reminds me, in a completely different genre and style, the debut album of DJ Shadow "endtroducing"). that's to say that the download counter at the archive doesn't work.