Monday, September 22, 2008

New Release: Asgaya Gigagae - The Decline Before The Dream

Asgaya Gigagae - The Decline Before The Dream
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(ritual ambient, drone)

"A difficult combination of ritual ambient, some doom aesthetics, heavy drone inspiration, slight percussion, slowly evolving sounds and so on are included in this piece of music. Field-recordings of a specific part of the ritual have also been used. The overall sound is natural - organic - acoustic being fused with acoustic instruments and electronics."

1. Night, The Prayer of Blind Asua (10:30)
2. Dawn, Opened Eyes of The Akashic Sloth (18:05)
3. Sunrise, Into The White Mouth of Sleep (30:29)
4. The Decline Before The Dream (4:34)
5. Untitled (11:07)

"The Decline Before The Dream is based on an older ritual that I created that deals with my symbolic deity, Blind Asua, and its place in existence. After much work the ritual has been much expanded both in activity and its literature, opening up doors that I hadn't imagined could be associated with the simple deity of Asua and creating an experience for myself that I've not had before - both spiritually and mentally exhausting. The Decline Before The Dream also deals with the existence of everyone that listens to it, building on a strong sense of self-evolving in a spiritual sense and also somewhat refreshing even. If I go on too much the box would be open too much...

"The Decline Before The Dream is broken up into 5 different parts of the day (Night - Dawn - Sunrise - Sunset - ???-) of Asua. The plan was to explain a different cycle of the flowing Ki but what ended up happening in this ritual brought forth another cycle and has shown me my own cycle of life in a new listen is to understand."

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