Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And So It Begins...

[NOTE: entries dated through Aug 22nd, 2007 are reposted from the original plaguedream livejournal, and are included here, sans comments, for archival purposes.]

Last night marked the launch of the new netlabel This Plague of Dreaming.

Today marks the launch of the TPoD livejournal!

In the future, this will be the place to look for label news, but for now... well, there's really not much here.

While you're waiting for me to write something more interesting, do visit our download page at and download our first single, [plague001] To Repel Ghosts - Illusions.

Thanks for listening!


Bet365 said...

Hey there, I thoroughly like reading your website and I was wondering if there could be a method I can join so that I get an email everytime you create a brand new post. I can not see an RSS button or an email form, but possibly I just missed it. At any rate, keep up the remarkable posts.

PlagueDream said...

Hello, and thank you very much.

There should be a "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link at the bottom of the page. I haven't used it myself, so I don't know exactly how it works.

Since the label went on hiatus, new posts will be occasional, but infrequent.

The Plaguedream is still alive, and our research continues, but public operations have been curtailed pending the outcome of a departmental audit (which it may be in our best interests to obstruct as long as possible, but I won't get into that now...).

Thank you again for your kind attention.