Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Call For Artists!

This Plague of Dreaming is currently seeking artists!

TPoD is intended to feature obscure, esoteric, or just plain odd music - dreamy media mangling, b-movie horrorbeat, glitch-opera, noise-poetry, and anything else that fits our emerging aesthetic. We want laptop mad science and FXed field recordings, obscure reworkings of forgotten classics and hastily coded fragment memories upon awakening. What we want, in other words, is what you got (assuming you have one or more of these things). If you're not sure if your stuff fits, ask--it might not, but then again it might.

This netlabel is a strictly non-commercial endeavor, and our artists are strongly encouraged to publish under Creative Commons license - no one gets rich, but we do have a chance to get our music heard.

Please contact me if you are interested! We'll talk, we'll take a meeting.

[Note: do not send unsolicited files - unexpected emails with attachments will be deleted unopened!]

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