Thursday, January 31, 2008

Website update and Banner

Only a minor update this time, but worth noting: the "About" link on the PlagueDream website now leads somewhere. It's not much at the moment, admittedly, but it does include an email link which you may find preferable to the more involved and obscure means some of our enterprising listeners have employed to communicate with us in the past (I'm looking at you, Mr. H___). As I am both the label director and the ersatz webmaster (and as my otherwise able assistant is a confirmed technophobe), all correspondence directed to that address will, in time, pass before my eyes.

The other item of importance on the page is our new banner:

If you are so kind as to wish to use this banner on your site, the necessary code is provided. Our own links page is not yet online, but when it is we will be happy to discuss banner exchanges, etc.

More content will be coming soon, both to our "About" page and to this blog, so stay on the beam!


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