Monday, April 13, 2009

New Release: Nagual Art - Seance 1931 | Tales from F.

Nagual Art - Seance 1931 | Tales from F.
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(darkambient, soundtrack)

Mors Janua vitae?

A soundtrack to a seance: lost voices; a sudden chill; a cold, familiar touch in the dark.

01 A Song from F.
02 Seance 1931
03 S.H.J.
04 Der Wandernde Jude
05 Seemannslied
06 The 1631 Daemon

This audio drama was recorded 2009 at Paralyze Room Freiberg by Volador. Many thanks to the spirits! I know you are dreaming the art.
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cornogamba (baka-S.G.) said...

something is wrong at the archive, i hope ot's only temporary(4/15/09)

PlagueDream said...

It looks like the whole audio collection is down, as of less than an hour or two ago. This happens occasionally, but usually not for long. Thanks for the heads-up!

cornogamba (baka-S.G.) said...

update: now i am downloading the seems all is going well....:-)
(word word...)