Monday, January 28, 2008

3 Crows Redux

I would like to remind anyone who undertook to download Glenn Brown's 3 Crows & The Moon during the dark days of server malfunction that the album is once more available, and should be downloaded and listened to without delay. The album's release coincided catastrophically with the Internet Archive's server crisis, and it remained unstable for almost two months, so that many people whose lives Glenn's music might have enriched were denied.

To refresh your memory: Glenn Brown creates luminously ambient sci-fi soundscapes using only his (heavily processed) electric guitar - but that description does no more than hint at the delicious weightlessness of the sound, and the mingled bliss and disquiet of dreaming in zero gravity.

So, once again: Glenn Brown - 3 Crows & The Moon


Glenn Brown said...

Glenn here: thanks for the nice words! Good to see it's starting to get some downloads.

PlagueDream said...

You're welcome! Yeah, now that the technical problems are out of the way, it's starting to catch up. Offline feedback for the album has been quite good, too.