Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Repel Ghosts - Partisan Songs
[free download, 256kpbs mp3]

A barely audible song
Is heard from the fog,
It is the quiet song
Of the forest partisans.

- - - - -
01. Quiet Forest
02. In the Trees
03. Front Zone Reverie
04. Nightingales
05. Quiet Forest ii
- - - - -

[In response to questions raised in pre-release comments: These songs are the record of our speculative forays into the dreamspace which has grown up in the cracks between the social myth of the Heroic partisans and the ugly reality of the war; in mapping that territory, it was not our intention to pursue any specific political agenda or champion any particular group or concern. The history of the Soviet partisans in the Great Patriotic War, like most war stories, is complex and often contradictory. We believe that it is vitally important, at these intersections of heroism and atrocity, to retain that complexity and resist the reductive impulse which impoverishes our myths and denies the varied humanity of the men and women on all sides of the conflict. These songs seek neither to glorify nor to condemn, and while they do not have anything so crude as a "message," we hope that they do contain some echo of truth. -TRG]

- - - - -

As you can see, the hiatus didn't last long. Only a couple days after I posted about it, a lot of things suddenly started working again. There are still intermittent problems, but we decided to take our chances.


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